Anti-Aging (Non-Surgical Face Lift)

The non-surgical lift treatment uses cavitation to increase the natural collagen on the skin. This is a non-invasive treatment. No downtime required Avoid direct sunlight after treatment Sunscreen is highly recommended Non-Surgical Face Lift - €50 Follow-up Treatments - €35


The skin is the largest organ we have. It is just as important to keep our skin and body healthy as it is our internal organs. Our skin accumulates toxins from the sun, environment and chemicals. Some of our internal toxins come through our skin, hence some people develop skin diseases such as eczema and acne. The body detox treatment includes a gentle exfoliation using natural herbs. These herbs are naturally absorbed in our body creating an effective detox. Exfoliation promotes blood circulation, release of toxic wates in our bodies, dead skin cells and promotes healthy skin. Detox Exfoliation Treatment - €40 Detox Exfoliation & Full Body Massage - €65 Seaweed Body Mask - €40 Detox Package Exfoliation, Full Body Massage & Seawee Mask - €125


Relaxing Facial The Karma Ayurveda products use natural and organic ingredients that are naturally absorbed by your skin. Your skin will be soft and healthy. Includes cleaning, exfoliation, mask and extractions. Relaxing Facial - €35

Foot Ritual

Your feet deserve to be treated! They carry you everywhere and support your body. The foot ritual is ideal to revive your tired feet and muscles as well as rejuvenate the rest of your body. The ritual includes soaking, foot and leg massage, exfoliation, cut, trim and varnish. Pedicure Ritual - €35 The detox pedicure includes the ritual, but uses a machine to draw the toxins out of your body. Depending on the colour of the water, it will indicate where the toxins may be located in your body. Detox Pedicure - €50