Body, Mind & Soul

The mindfulness program at Zentuario will teach you how to live a healthier life, connecting body, mind and spirit. This program is one of a kind, because most mindfulness program only helps you with the spiritual side of your life, and not integrating other aspects with your physical body.


Living a mindfulness life at all three levels, body, mind and spirit is not easy; it requires hard work, letting go of old patterns and habits that not longer serves you in your life and embracing new concepts that will transform your life. There are two types of mindfulness program.

Mindfulness Programs

One to One Session

The One to One private session is done at the SPA. Please be aware that it is up to you to allow yourself time and patience for the changes to take place in your life. This mindfulness program has no shortcuts - hence, if you are looking to achieve results within one week, this program is not for you. The long term results will bring you peace, love, and balance to your life. This program includes the following treatments. Ayurveda Consultation Holistic Health Scanning Astrology Consultation Chakra & Aura Balancing Session with crystals Nutrition Consultation One detox treatment One full body aromatherapy massage treatment Reiki Session Life style tips based on your constitution Price - 300€ (program is approximately four hours long) If you are under a GP care, please consult with your GP before participating on this program.

Online Mindfulness Program

The mindfulness online program will be delivered to you in video format, so you can refer back to it anytime you wish. Please allow time for the program to take effect in your life. The program requires hard work and there are no shortcuts to achieve these changes overnight. It takes a lifetime because it is about evolution, so as you continue to practice these teachings, your life will constantly be evolving. Ayurveda Consultation Astrology Consultation Nutrition Consultation Life style tips based on your constitution Price: 175€